Top of Foot Pain?

top of foot pain

Top of foot pain can have many different causes depending on the exact location and onset of the pain.

Hallux Rigidus

Symptoms: Hallux rigidus is felt in the top of the big toe. It typically starts with a gradual onset of pain and stiffness in the area of the first joint of the big toe. Pain with walking is common and reduced range of motion of the toe. Patients are unable to bend their big toe upwards, and sometimes it can stay in a plantar flexed (down pointing) deformity. Find out more....

Metatarsal Stress Fracture

Symptoms:Pain is generally felt along the top of the foot and is aggravated by weight bearing and pressure to the area. The pain can be dull and achey with sharp shooting pain if the area is touched, or if the pressure of your shoes is too much. Find out more...

Extensor Tendinitis / Skate Bite

Symptoms: Pain on the top of the foot that is aggravated with activities such as walking can be extensor tendinitis. The pain could be aggravated by flexing your toe upwards. You may also notice some redness and tenderness on top of the foot. Find out more.....

Anterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Symptoms: This is usually felt as aching and numbness on the top of the midfoot, which can reach to the space between the big and second toe. Pointing the toes may aggravate the pain. Find out more....

Anterior Impingement

Symptoms: Anterior Impingement is felt on the front of the foot and ankle. This is commonly felt in runners and dancers, or someone who has experienced an ankle sprain. Pain is felt on jumping and landing. You may find ankle range of motion to be limited or painful during lunges or squats. Find out more...

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