Psoas Stretch

Helps hip tightness and low back pain

The psoas stretch is great for stretching the front of the hip. If you are experiencing pain or tightness in the groin, front of the hip or low back this stretch can help you!

Start by kneeling on one knee and push your hips forward until you feel the pull in your hip near the front. As the tension increases, turn your upper body towards the back leg and gently lean away.

You should feel the tension change as you turn and lean away. The 'turn and lean' is the only way to stretch the psoas because it attaches to the spine in the low back. Without the added movement you are stretching the quadricep muscles.

The psoas muscle is commonly tight in long distance runners as well as office workers. A tight psoas muscle can limit a runner's stride length and speed by restricting their ability to extend their leg. This stretch can help increase range of motion.

Sitting keeps the hip flexor muscle in a shortened position, so prolonged sitting can cause the psoas muscle to tighten. The hip flexor stretch can help decrease pain felt from excessive sitting.

Proper Stretching
Stretches should be performed daily. Each stretch should be maintained for 30 seconds each. Anything less and stretching will be ineffective long term.

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