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Orthotic Insoles

How can insoles help you?

orthotic_footCustom foot orthotic insoles can help you with a variety of issues including foot pain, shin splints, hip pain or low back issues. We can create a shoe insole that fits your unique foot perfectly.

The average person takes 2500 steps per day. If you have biomechanics issues when you walk, the repetitive stress may build up and cause you problems. The right insole can be prescribed to prevent pronation (flat arch) or supination (high arch). Each of these conditions have different issues associated with them.

Insoles can help treat plantar fasciitis, foot pain, shin splints and a wide variety of other conditions.

First we start with a thorough biomechanics assessment of how you walk and move to decide if insoles are appropriate for you. If they are a suitable treatment option for you, our doctors will use insoles as part of a complete treatment plan including myofascial release and corrective exercises.

Custom insoles for runners are available. As well as a variety of inserts designed for multiple sports and occasions, including your dress shoes.

A variety of impression methods are available including gait scanning technology and foam casting to fit everyone’s needs. Check with your insurance company to see if you’re covered.

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