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Exercises for Sciatic Nerve Pain

How to floss your nerves and why it helps

To is important to perform regular exercises for sciatic nerve pain when experiencing sciatica. These exercises are called nerve flossing. Nerve flossing helps to get the nerve moving within the body and decreases pain and inflammation. These exercises should be done as part of a sciatica home treatment

All of our nerves travel through our body in small tunnels. Your nerves are attached at the origin of the nerve at the spinal column, and at the end of the nerve (usually the hand or foot).

As they travel through these tunnels they can get pinched or stuck from tight muscles, scar tissue or adhesions. When they get stuck they create nerve tension that can manifest itself as pain or tightness, just like with sciatica.

Nerve flossing helps to pull the nerve through these tunnels and helping free them up from entrapment and adhesions. Research has shown that the nerve can travel a couple of centimeters within it’s tunnel when nerve flossing is performed.

The idea is to pull from one end of the nerve while relaxing the other end of the nerve (like a puppet). Nerve flossing exercises for sciatic nerve pain are performed by pretending there is a string from your toe to your forehead.

In a sitting position, bend your knee backwards under the chair. This pulls the imaginary string from your forehead causing your head to lower at the same time.

sciaticfloss2Now raise your head to look at the ceiling, at the same time as you straighten your leg (the toe gets pulled by the imaginary string).

sciaticfloss1This exercise should be performed multiple times daily when experiencing sciatica, and can be used as a vital part of sciatica home treatment.

It is important to stop performing nerve flossing if you experience increased pain during the exercise.

This exercise can be performed sitting or lying on your back.

Sciatica stretches also provide relief for sciatic pain. For best treatment results you should always use a combination of therapies and stretches.

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