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Knee Injuries Symptoms

Knee injuries symptoms are essential for making a diagnosis. Different symptoms can mean very different things. Taking mental note of your symptoms before seeing a medical professional is key to getting an accurate diagnosis.

Pay attention to where you feel the pain and what aggravates or relieves your condition. Are there signs of clicking or locking, or feelings of weakness or instability? Is it worse in the morning or at night? Does it get better with rest or activity? Do you have full range of motion? Is there swelling or bruising?

All of these questions will be asked so it is important to take note of what you experience.

This list of symptoms is not complete, and describes the mosttypical symptoms and the correlated diagnosis. All conditions and people present differently, so this is never 100% accurate. Getting a correct diagnosis by a medical professional is essential in management of any injury or painful condition, so this does not substitute for a diagnosis.


Stiffness? Stiffness is usually from osteoarthritis or post-traumatic adhesions

Was there trauma? Trauma can result in ligament or meniscus damage

  • Painful locking? – meniscus or ACL flap
  • Immediate swelling? – ACL tear or fracture
  • Buckling or giving way? – ACL or pain inhibits quadricep muscle
  • Twisting action? – meniscus

Pain after repetitive activity

  • Pain at front of knee? – Patellar tendinitis / Jumper’s knee
  • Pain on outside of knee? – ITB syndrome or Popliteus tendinitis
  • Pain on inside of knee? – MCL strain or Pes anserine strain
  • Pain around the knee cap? – Patellofemoral Pain syndrome (Runner’s Knee)

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