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Elbow Joint Pain

Pain in elbow

Elbow joint pain can limit you from enjoying recreational activities, as well as be aggravated by your work conditions.

The elbow is similar to the knee in the way that it is structured. It is designed for stability and limited mobility. Because it is not a weight bearing joint it gets hurt much less often than the knee, however it is an area of high repetitive strain. This area gets used a lot with tasks that involve the hands (ie. typing, hammering, serving etc).

The elbow can be injured in a fall because of the lack of mobility. Any time you have elbow pain after a fall it is imperative to get it looked at immediately to rule out fracture or dislocation.

If the pain comes on gradually it likely involves muscles, tendons or nerves. All of which react well to conservative treatment.

Causes of Elbow Pain

Tennis Elbow
Perhaps the most well-known problem for this joint is “Tennis Elbow”. This involves pain on the outside of the elbow. Pain is aggravated by repetitive actives involving the wrist. All of the extensor muscles of the wrist attach on the outside of the elbow, concentrating all of the force into a small area. Specific stretches and special exercises (where the muscle lengthens under load) are part of an effective tennis elbow treatment.

Treatment There are many differnet types of tennis elbow treatment.

Conservative treatment consists of modalities such as ultrasound (to warm the tissue and promote healing), IFC (electric stimulation to the area), acupuncture, hands on manual therapy such as myofascial release and very specific exercises to fix the cause of the problem. Sometimes increased tension on the elbow is a result of poor shoulder mechanics (if the shoulder is not doing it’s fair share of the work, the elbow will get over-worked).

It is important to get this treated early as it reduces recovery time, and prevents it from getting worse.

Golfer’s Elbow is pain on the inside of the elbow. This is aggravated by repetitive activities of the wrist. This problem involves the use of the flexors in activities such as hammering, using a screw driver or throwing.

Olecranon Bursitis will have obvious swelling of the elbow with pain just below the elbow joint. This is an irritation of the bursa which as acts as a lubricating-pulley for the elbow joint.

Nerve Impingement can be another common cause of elbow and forearm pain that is often overlooked. The nerves can get caught and pinched between tight muscles of the forearm and arm. The muscles of the hand can be affected which may or may not cause weakness, numbness or tingling in the hands as well.

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